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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that are often asked of us.
What Fresh Fish to sell does the classification do?

The fresh fish we sell is the best fish, we call it fresh because the fish are in good condition.

The fish sold are fish that are directly caught?

The fish we sell can be frozen fresh fish (fish caught and immediately enters the freezing process in cold storage, the condition of the quality of wakefulness and fresh fresh fish catches all of this we sell in dead condition.

Fresh Fish sold are sea fish?

The fresh fish we sell can be in the form of sea fish and fresh fish.

Fresh fish sold are intact or have been cleaned / weeded / peeled?

The fresh fish we sell whole fish has not been cleaned / weeded / peeled.

What fresh fish in fillet form?

Fresh, processed fillets in skinless and boneless (meat only).

Is it possible to order 1-2 tail?

You can't, we sell perkilo.

What fish / products we buy are packed like what?

Our fish / products are packaged in neatly wrapped sterofoam and ice cubes shaved with salt as ice reinforcement.

Sis ... the item is not suitable / destroyed, I request a change.

We send via Expedisi Ninja Xpress - Representative Office - If the item is not in accordance with the Indonesian Fresh Fish Warehouse, the shipment will be. will be rejected by Ninja Xpress, returned and repackaged.

Can I order and be sent the same day?

It can't, the last order is 4pm (for the next day's delivery, office hour period), if the order is above 4pm the order will be classified for the next day.

Will we get an order receipt?

Yes we will provide an invoice with order details

What delivery do you use?

Delivery can use a motorbike or car coordinated by the express ninja team.

How do you pay?

Payments use BCA payment gateways virtually and credit cards.

How to contact customer sevice for questions?

Contact via WA (081317291918/19) or email to cs@ikansegar.co.id

Regulations Regarding Ikan Segar Agent

Official transactions / payments are only through the Ikan Segar Indonesia application using the payment gateway method that we have provided on the application.

All provisions outside our rules (PT. Ikan Segar Indonesia) are not our responsibility.